Fran’s illustrations reflect her surroundings; the colours, climate and creatures she encounters daily. She can be inspired by anything; reading a dictionary, chatting to a neighbour, clearing up toys… but natural history and cultural quirks, from places she’s lived and travelled to; Costa Rica, Botswana, Czeck Republic, Canada and Australia – often appear in her work.

She works for ‘Two Bad Mice Publishers’, a greetings card company who distribute her images in Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, U.S.A, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Holland and Belgium.

Fran uses mainly watercolours to create her illustrations but will add soft pastels and colouring pencils if needed. She enjoys experimenting with colour, exploring techniques, discovering new ways of expressing subjects and interpreting words through image.

Other sources of inspiration:

Rockpools, A woodlouse clambering over the carpet, Seedheads, Fragments of conversation, Rocky outcrops, Waterfleas, Childrens’ T.V from the 1970’s, Mould, Bits of broken china, An old thesaurus, Toys in unlikely places, Moss cushions, Lichen forests, Travelling and different cultures and Dogs.